Chris Valenti

Chris Valenti – Actor/Writer/Filmmaker/Singer-Songwriter/Comedian


Comedian / Musician / Actor / Writer / Filmmaker


Chris has written and produced two feature films, four music albums, one comedy album, and over twenty short comedy films. He’s a writer, actor, and musical stand up comedian who loves touring. In September he travelled to Afghanistan with the USO to perform for the troops.

If you‘ve ever been frustrated by a relationship and you have a distorted, but healthy sense of humor, then Chris Valenti is the comic for you. Chris tells jokes and performs songs that ring painfully and hilariously true to anyone who has ever attempted dating.

On his new musical comedy album, LIVE EMOTIONAL WRECKAGE, released by New Wave Dynamics, Valenti shares stories of struggles, blunders, and missed opportunities we all endure. His songs tackle politics – “I Want To Be Your Intern, Female President Clinton”, technology – “Please Don’t Text Someone While I’m Making Love To You”, and he even festively released a upbeat single for Christmas for the lonely entitled “Single For Christmas.“ His live show is part music, part comedy, part therapy, and part romance as well as action, adventure, mystery and sometimes horror. A philosopher of love usually, the kind of love that did not exactly make it to that ‘happily ever after‘ place.

A hopeful romantic with a wry sense of humor, Chris has the knack for using self-deprecation and vulnerability to weave stories about the hazards and frustrations of love and attempted relationships. He‘s become the cheerful motivator for the unlucky in love, because the best cure for a broken heart is laughing at someone else‘s.

Chris is also an actor and filmmaker. Remember the Da Da Da – Sunday Afternoon Volkswagen commercial? Well that was Chris Valenti sitting in the passenger seat. He also appeared in the feature film “17 Again,“ and has written, produced, and starred in two feature films, including multi-festival award winner, “Sensitive Johnson,“ a romantic comedy about a tenderhearted musician with a premature ejaculation problem. Chris has made dozens of award winning short films for


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