Trade In


I broke up with a girl the same week my car was about to be junked. I had loved both of them dearly. Been with each of them exclusively for a long time. And knew that the separation would hurt, but it had to be done. So I wrote this song about the end of the relationship with... the car.

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Trade In

You were the first love that I ever knew. I treasure all the time that I spent with you.
The night I took you home I never felt so lucky. Never thought it would happen, but I’m sorry.

I loved you, but it’s time to go. We can no longer deny what we both know.
We’ve been through so much together it hurts me so. But It’s true it’s time to go.
Cause lately you’ve been real high maintenance. You need so much attention I’m losing my patience.
The way you’ve been acting has been appalling. When I’m in a hurry you’re always stalling.
You don’t understand this sudden change of mind? Well, you’re not dependable. How many times
Have I gotten the cold shoulder? When I need it in the morning you won’t turn over.
I loved you, but it’s time to go. You never say what’s wrong, I’m just supposed to know.
You don’t warm up, you just leave me cold. I did what I could, but it’s time to go.
And you didn’t have to get all bent up out of shape. It was an accident, I’m human, we make mistakes.
I’m tired of dealing with all your breakdowns and your humming and your tapping, irritating sounds.
Well, I know you know the situation, cause lately you need a lot of lubrication.
We used to go at it at full throttle, but now I think I’ll go for a younger model.
I loved you, but it’s time to go. You must admit that your age is starting to show.
You’re way out of shape and you run like a joke. You’ve got a big spare tire and you’ve started to smoke.
I know I’m gonna miss you when you’re not around. I still think you’re sexy with your top down.
I don’t want you to leave me feeling used. Guess the timing was off and I blew a fuse.
If some other guy happens to turn you on, well, I wish you the best hope he don’t steer you wrong.
I know tomorrow I’m gonna be sad. It was the longest relationship I’ve ever had.
I loved you, but it’s time to go. I’m not your never-ending source of cash flow.
We can’t go out to night, you’ve got a rip in your hose. You whistle when I listen to the radio.
We’ve come a long way, but it’s the end of the road.
I loved you. I loved you. I loved you. But it’s time for a trade in.