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Sensitive Johnson is my first feature film.  It's a semi-musical romantic comedy about a tender-hearted musician who has an unfortunate premature ejaculation problem.  It stems from his overwhelming love for the one girl he's always loved, and is now finally dating.

Some of my favorite scenes revolve around the original songs Scott (our hero) plays about his troubles.
The Starbucks sequence shows Scott’s anxiety and horrid assumptions when Jen doesn’t show up for their first date; it turns out, she was just at the wrong coffee shop.
The I Didn’t Kiss You musical sequence shows their affection for each other as well as his frustration over the first-kiss jitters.
Don't Erupt is the motivational - You can do it! (or You can NOT do it!) - theme for our Rocky-like montage.
The Perfect Gent has the perfect refrain for this movie, "I'm not gonna blow this one."  Of course, I'm talking about the emotional relationship with the girl.
The movie's happy ending (so to speak) is accompanied by our hero's musical proposal to his newly won love, First Wife.  It's muddled, but in this movie, she'll take it.

There is also the climactic song of the movie, the ballad “Premature Ejaculation”, but that's not available on the soundtrack.  You've got to get the DVD if you want to share the experience.






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