This was written after I had developed a huge crush on this girl who I ran into two weekends in a row. I thought she liked me too, but it turns out, she had a boyfriend - and she thought I was someone else.

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I could stare at your lips all day. Your dark eyes suck me in.
I think I skip a pulse when you chew your finger. I wonder what you’re thinking.
Did you just turn towards me? Do you know that I’m in the room?
Do you know that I’m watching? Do you want me to look? You just leaned right into view.

I wish I could take my eyes off you I might manage to close my mouth.
You’ve been the vision of my dream since I was seventeen and you’re sitting right across the crowd.
I met you last week at the opening. You heard me play my guitar.
You said my songs were real funny and you thought that I could go far.
I see the seat next to you is empty. So are the next three or four.
So I get up and start to head your way, or maybe I’ll head out the door.
I wish I could take my eyes off you I might manage to close my mouth.
You’ll be the vision on my mind until the end of time, I hope I do not chicken out.
I stand at the end of the aisle. You look at the empty stage.
Even staring at nothing, you’re so damn confident, my my my my Madonna’s full of grace.
I’m getting dizzy as I stand at attention. I probably look desperate.
I feel like I’m having a caffeine seizure. I can’t seem to catch my breathe.
So I take a step towards your beauty. But I trip and almost break my leg.
I jam my arm on the chair, but I really don’t care, cause you smile when you turn my way.
I wish I could take my eyes off of you I might manage to close my mouth.
You’ll be the vision at my side as long as I’m alive, now I better get up off the ground.
You said you thought of me all week. I was happy that I kept my balance.
So I decide to take a seat. But suddenly you wouldn’t allow it.
I’m sorry but this seat is taken. My boyfriend will be right back.
You’re welcome to sit next to him if you want. Here he comes, Ralph. This is Jack.

I guess I better take my eyes off you, I’d rather not be punched in the mouth.
The vision of my dreams does not remember me. She thinks I’m somebody else named Ralph.