The Lover Abundance Blues


The blues you have when you've met two great people to date, but you can only choose one.

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The Lover Abundance Blues

I seem to regret my choices the moment I make’em
with only so many chances you’d think the best choice is to take‘em
For me loves always been feast or famine
either no meat at all or choose between shrimp, steak, or salmon.
For months my heart was dim, my room was dark,
then suddenly women enter my life as if it was Noah’s Ark.
Now I’ve got to choose between two wonderful women.
How come when I was lonely for months no one showed up then?

12 bar blues in A
Now you’re really pretty, you’re really smart,
and I’d rather not screw with, well at least your heart
You know I like you, but I also like her.
I had to meet you the same time that I met Jennifer.
What do I do? Lie and cheat?
No, that’d be easy, but I’m not sleazy, I’m cute and sweet
It’s a messed up game that somebody’s gotta lose,
ultimately it’s gonna be me, it’s the Lover Abundance Blues.
I like a romance with passion and magic.
That’s my one goal, I don’t need a hat trick.
How do you tell someone that they’re your second choice?
It’s mean, it’s obscene, and it cracks my voice.
I don’t want to be just another jerk,
and anyway even dating just one girl is a lot of work.
Would you come back next week after Jennifer dumps me?
I can almost guarantee it cause you women stump me.
You’re making it hard when you kiss me then smile.
Breaking up’s not easy when you ain’t been laid in a while.
Got to blurt out the truth, got to condense.
Got any interest in a multi-experience?
Celebrity deaths and romantic opportunities
are rare but for some reason they happen in threes.
I’m tired of all this playing around.
They say there’s someone out there waiting to be found.
What if I skip my angel? Choose the wrong one?
Don’t want to spend my life looking at
I’ve got to commit to one or the other.
If I only had an identical twin brother.
Wonder how much it costs for one of them clones.
No, it’d be real pathetic if two of me ended up alone.
I’m not torn between two lover’s, I’m just a fool.
Hey if I dated both they could carpool.
I bet you’re thinking, ‘Man are you insane?
You got it good. Why do you complain?’
Well, sure it’s not termites or gangrene,
but there’s a definite pain that shoots right through your spleen.
You know the feeling. I’m sure you relate.
It’s like a one trip salad bar with a very small plate.
The Abundance Blues sucks. It ain’t never no fun.
You start off with two and you end up with none.