I Kissed A Lesbian


And why wouldn't I brag about this?

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I Kissed A Lesbian

I kissed a lesbian. I kissed a dyke.
I kissed a lesbian, it was something I kind of liked.
I kissed a lesbian. If you want to know the truth,
met her on my softball team, she hits better than Babe Ruth


I kissed a lesbian. It must have been something she felt.
She pulled back from the kiss and said, “Nothing below the belt.”
I kissed a lesbian. It was not like Chasing Amy.
She said, “Listen closely boy, you’ve got no chance to lay me.”
I said ”That’s fine with me, that sounds fair.”
Then I ran my fingers through her very short, spiked hair.

Must have been an experiment. She just wanted to see
How it felt to kiss a guy again and she chose me.
I kissed a lesbian. At first yeah, it was scary.
When I took her shirt off her armpits were hairy.
I kissed a lesbian and I counted her tattoos – two, three, four
I kissed a lesbian and I want to kiss her more.
I kissed a lesbian. No, I did not convert her.
When she carried me to the couch, it didn’t even hurt her.
I kissed a lesbian. She took control.
She put me in my place, gave me a peculiar new role.
I kissed a lesbian. Man, was she strong.
When she slammed me down, I said, “This warrants a song.”
Kissing a lesbian, man, it was great.
Couldn’t help but wonder what was the last dish she ate.
I kissed a lesbian. She bit my lip.
Then she walked away cause I wasn’t equipped.
I kissed a lesbian. She left me weak.
She let me down easy, kissed me on the cheek.
I kissed a lesbian. It’s been a while since I seen her.
Miss her when I hear the Indigo Girls or watch marathons of Xena.
I kissed a lesbian. It’s something you should try.
It’s as close a you can come to kissing another guy.