The upside of my life is that I'm one of those people who can say that I would do what I do - write and play music, act and make films - even if no one paid me for it.  The downside is that my credit debt is proof of this testiment. 

But onward I trek.  Having just finished a film, my creative compulsion swings back to music.  I'd like to finish a new album by the end of the year.  I have most of the songs written, a few half written, and a couple recent learning experiences (so to speak) that should parlay into, well, probably the greatest album ever recorded.  At least by me.  If you would like to serve as an enabler to my creative addiction, please buy some movies or music. 

If you're one of the wonderful enthusiasts who already owns everything and you'd still like to contribute to the new album cause, you are certainly welcome to make a donation.  All contributions are of course deeply appreciated, but will also be duly rewarded when the new album is created.
- Any $20 or higher contribution will be considered a presale.  You will receive a CD as soon as it is released.
- Any $100 or higher contribution will also received a Thank You in the liner notes.  As well as one in real life.
- Any $1000 or higher contribution will received executive producer credit on the album. ( And if you are the anonymous person who sent the unmarked $1000 cashiers checks to me to keep me going after I finished Sensitive Johnson, please idenify yourself.  Your note is still on my refrigerator and it's message gets me through the tough times. I would love to credit you with something somewhere.  Thank you.)
- All contributors will recieve mp3s of the songs as they are completed.


Sensitive Johnson

800 CDs

Thank you for your support.





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