Chris Valenti

Chris Valenti – Actor/Writer/Filmmaker/Singer-Songwriter/Comedian


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Emotional Wreckage

Stand Up
and Comedy Music

New Wave Dynamics
Item Hear Info Free Price Buy
Remember Me (song)   $1
…Single Guy Radar     $1
…The Ring     $1
First Wife (song) $1
…Christmas Cards     $1
Single For Christmas (song)   $1
…Dating Younger     $1
Please Don’t Text Someone (song)   $1
…Injuries     $1
You’re Turning 50 (song)   $1
…Ex-Girlfriend Orgasms     $1
Oh <FirstName> (song)   $1
…Break ups / Gym     $1
I Miss Her… Vagina (song) $1
…Prisoner Interrogation     $1
President Hilary Clinton (I Wanna Be Your Intern)   $1
…There’ll Be Girls There     $1
Girls Are Crazy   $1
New songs
that may one day be studio-recorded for an album.

Scratch Track

All contributions
help fund the new album.
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You’re Turning 50      
Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress   $1
Oh <FirstName>   $1
It’s Time for the Real Thing   $1  
You’re Turning 40   $1
Girls Are Crazy   $1
I Wanna Be Your Intern   $1
Now That I’m Ready To Love You, Where Do You
Please Don’t Text Someone While I’m Making
Love To You
Single For Christmas
(not really a scratch track or written on Tues)


The Emotonal Wrecks
-Live From the Ventura Theatre-
Opening for the Violent Femmes

Item Hear Info Free Price Buy
Full Album (mp3) $10
Boyfriend   $1
Passive Aggressive $1
Don’t Pass Out   $1
Heidi   $1
First Wife   $1
Booty Call   $1
Bonus Tracks
Your Car   $1
Wreckage In Roswell $1
No Where To Go $1
Everyone Can Be Replaced $1
I Miss Her… $1
It’s Hard To Find Someone Good Enough For


Emotional Wreck

Item Hear Info Free Price Buy
Full Album (mp3) $10
The Ghost of Your Ex $1
Passive Aggressive $1
Boyfriend $1
Don’t Pass Out $1
See You Next Tues $1
Heidi $1
The Princess $1
Are You Over Me? $1
Smile, Smell, Kiss $1
Bargaining Advice
for Ex-Girlfriends
Don’t Need You Anymore $1
Booty Call $1


Sensitive Johnson Soundtrack

Item Hear Info Free Price Buy
Full Album (mp3) $10
Prom Queen $1
Starbucks $1
I Didn’t Kiss You $1
Nobody $1
Your Car $1
Miss You $1
Don’t Erupt $1
Your Kind Face $1
The Perfect Gent $1
First Wife $1


Genghis Cohen Live

Item Hear Info Free Price Buy
Full Album (mp3) $10
Ralph $1
The Lover Abundance Blues $1
I Want $1
…happy birthday Bess      
You’re Turning 30 $1
I Kissed a Lesbian $1
…heartfelt story      
Mike Zivitz Did It $1
Trade In $1
Passive Aggressive $1
…encore, encore      
Booty Call $1