Chris Valenti

Chris Valenti – Actor/Writer/Filmmaker/Singer-Songwriter/Comedian


A misfired text message during a first date results in an awkward but silent battle.
Featuring Michelle Loucadoux, John Bigham, Chris Valenti, Amy Schumacher, and Ryan Murphy among many more.

This movie director is more than happy to help you out on your first date…
Featuring Leilani Wyatt, Kerry Liu, Alejandra Morin, Kristine Kreska, Jimi Yamagishi, Steve Pellegren, Emily Banks, and many more.

The Table Read
Porn Flick Rehearsal…
Featuring Thom Rivera, Michael Beardsley, Jessica Rothert, Dawn Bower, Steve Brock, Mariah June.

The Honesty Trial
Can your relationship handle the truth?
Featuring Doug Van Bebber, Laura Azevedo, Bob Bancroft, Felicia Marie, Kylia Azevedo-Jones, Brian Lally, Brendan Weinhold, Emily Banks, Ian Grey, Natalie Weldon, Hayley McCarthy, Lydia Nelson, Lou Johnson, Karen Jean Olds, Adam Pilver, Victoria Verdi, Michael Verdi, Lorenzo Marquez.

The Exchange
To be honest.. it’s kinda sorta a true story. I was a schmucky boyfriend once, what can I say?
Featuring Laura Azevedo.

Moto X Film Experience with Emmy Rossum
Motorola invited me to make a short film with their new Moto X phone for a competition. Our film was a finalist! Shameless and Phantom of the Opera star Emmy Rossum provided the Voice Over. Laura Azevedo and Brendali Espiritu provided the talent and beauty!

Support the Average White Male Comedian’s Plight against Hollywood
The plea for my successful Kickstarter campaign to fund two films (that were made!) to help fight the disadvantages that supremely advantaged white male actors face every day in Hollywood.
Featuring Leilani Wyatt, Samba Schutte, Froilan Regal, Erica Martinez, Kelli Jordan and Laura Azevedo.

Deal With It
Sure it might seem a little crazy, but when it’s love, you don’t freak out, you just… deal with it.
Featuring Jennifer Tung, Mariko Howard

The Most Miserable Man in the World
An Emotional Wreck’s Parody of the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World.
Featuring Bob Bancroft, Neil Vachani, Diane Taub, Ruth Learner, Evi Ginzburg, Mojo, with voiceover by John Michevich.

Date Rape Awareness Month

Always be prepared.
Featuring Sherill Turner

Man of the House
Sometimes you just can’t marry a girl who has a kid.
Featuring Felicia Kamriani and Oliver & Grant Mass

Brokeback Miners
What really went on during those first two weeks? ….an important message for young, trapped, confused miners everywhere.
Featuring Jonathan Grant, Lynne Murphy, & Kat Rogers

Sometimes things can be going so bad, you wish you could just get all the pain over with in one shot.
Featuring Harmony Smith

Tuck In Express
Some roommates feel a strong obligation to wish you a Good Night.
featuring – James Simons and Elissa Wagner

New Year’s Kiss
New Year’s Eve dates come with guaranteed kisses!!!
featuring – Heather Gornall, Jim Carretta, Monica Himmel, Bill Taub, Diane Taub, Matthew Goodman, Di Koob, Steve Pellegren, Denise Vasquez, Randy Martinez

Tech Support
Outsourcing companies know Americans prefer to speak with local tech support operators. No prob, y’all….
Featuring Sue Han, Tara O’Brien, Walker Uhl, James Babson, Matthew Goodman, Tiffany Yang, & Michael Goldstrom

The Glute Whisperer
Motivational Speaker and friend to Gluteus Maximus Muscles everywhere

Aston Martin
Hey, it’s the truth… Hot cars are hot chick magnets.

Wedding Day Rule #37: Don’t have a blowout argument with your fiance minutes before the ceremony.
Featuring Monica Himmel, Steve Pellegren, Elizabeth Price, & Madeliene Pellegren.

Food Poisoning
A new weight loss product by Naomi Grossman… Brought to you by pitchman Adam Pilver.

PHAT Reflections – The Pick Up
An actual commercial for an actual product. Featuring Sarah Spiegel

The Clip Master…
Featuring Alison Block, Jennifer Tung, and Mister Mitue

That guy at the gym…
Featuring Bob Levitan and Steve Pellegren

Prisoner Interrogation
It beats water-boarding.
Featuring Di Koob & Joe Russell

Remember Me
A mom with a lot on her mind.
Featuring – Sarah Spiegel & Forrest Garrison

You can’t go on a date with someone great without thinking, “Why are you available? What the hell’s wrong with you?”
Featuring Monica Himmelheber

I’ve also completed two feature films, each of have their own separate websites. Trailers below.

Sensitive Johnson
Sensitive Johnson is a feature length semi-musical romantic comedy about a tender hearted musician with a premature ejacvulation problem.
Featuring – Nori Jill Phillips, Vince Jolivette, Sean Barnes, Kimberly Liebe, David Garrett, Gerry Katzman, and Rich Magallanes among many others.
Film screened at many festivals including DancesWithFilms, Park City Film Music Festival (award), Bay Street Film Festival (won), and New Filmmakers NYC.

800 CDs
After completing my first radio-ready studio album, Emotional Wreck, and proceeding to distribute only 200 of the 1000 CDs produced, I attended a Music Strategies conference held by Tim Sweeney to learn how to sell the remaining CDs and more. Sensing a potentially interesting struggle with possible universal lessons learned along the way, I asked Tim if I could film some of his seminars. I also convinced some friends to film me as I followed Tim’s suggestions. The result became my first feature length documentary.