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Cowboy Christian Vale plays Afghanistan


Incredible letter I received from a soldier – Thank YOU, Loran

I want to thank you for coming to Bagram and putting on a great performance.

I think the sign of a good show is if people are still talking about it and repeating the jokes two days after you left, and I assure you we were.

I’ve extended my tour here until Dec. 31, 2014, the day combat operations end in Afghanistan and U.S. involvement in the war is over….for all practical purposes.

If you come back before then, please let me know. I’ll still be here and will buy you a free meal at the DFAC. That’s the least I can do. No seriously…that is the least I can do. I’ve tried to think of other things, but there is nothing even remotely less than that.

BTW, feel free to make lots of President Karzai jokes. If you haven’t figured it out yet, he very well may be bat-shit crazy.

I’m glad you are reading my posts now that you are gone, rather than before you came, otherwise you probably would have changed your mind about coming.

Thanks again for your four-man USO show and what you did for the troops. You and the gang are great Americans and Bob Hope would most certainly be proud.

Stay safe, and stay funny.