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The Most Miserable Man in the World

An Emotional Wreck’s Parody of the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World.

Written by Chris Valenti and John Michevich
Starring Chris Valenti, Bob Bancroft, Neil Vachani, Diane Taub, Ruth Learner, Evi Ginzburg, Mojo, with voice over by John Michevich.
Much thanks to Bill Taub and Donna R.


S.O.S.S. (Set of Sincere Songs) Sat, 8:30, Dec 8th

Sort of a different evening. No stand up this night. A presentation of some actual heartfelt music. Why not? Just getting some stuff out of my system.

Genghis Cohen – 740 N Fairfax Ave – Los Angeles, CA 90069