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Squeaky Wheel Tour Kick-off 2011

Want to hear one of the greatest happy-ending national-headline stories of our generation live and in person?

Each day the TV, radio, and Internet feed us an endless stream of frighteningly bad news. Missing person tragedies are about as horrible as living nightmares come. When the media catches on to one of these, the story often captures our darkest imagination and deepest fears. Usually the outcome – if there is one – is terribly sad. But every now and then, a headline will shock us with something amazingly wonderful. Like the day Elizabeth Smart was found.

Monday I will be performing a song at West LA Music for the kick-off of this year’s Squeaky Wheel Tour. Elizabeth Smart will be the guest speaker.

The Squeaky Wheel Tour is a three week event where musicians all over the country promote a missing person at their shows. My Squeaky Wheel show will be at Genghis Cohen Saturday Oct 29th at 8:30. Created by Jannel Rap, the Squeaky Wheel Tour is now in its tenth year. Eleven years ago, on Oct 17, 2000, Jannel’s sister Gina Bos went missing in Lincoln NE. She hasn’t been found. Jannel’s search for her sister has resulted in an organization that has searched for missing all over the world, GINA For Missing People ( A segment of my documentary, 800 CDs, was about Jannel and GINA. Watch the clip here – Ten people featured in the original version of that clip have been located, so I’ve had to continually update the movie. Eleven hundred missing people have been located since Jannel first started her movement.

Monday will be a huge media event. But you are more than welcome to attend. You should register to get on the list – I will be performing. It should be quite an amazing night.

Monday – October 17, 7pm
The Squeaky Wheel Tour Kickoff
West LA Music
11345 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Saturday – Oct 29, 8:30
Chris Valenti’s Squeaky Wheel Show
Genghis Cohen
740 N Fairfax Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069