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New Live Album – For a Big Fancy Record Company!

Lend me your laugh!

I will be recording a full length show for a new album and DVD. Industry giant New Wave Dynamics, a division of New Wave Entertainment, asked for permission to distribute an album of mine. Huge opportunity! Look them up and you’ll see they rep major names and produce enormous projects. Come be a part of the smallest project New Wave has ever done!

This album has to be good! Forget New Wave…. within the last six months, both of my brothers have produced their respective first child. I’m in major competition for my mother’s affection… and my
reproduction prospects are awful, so it all depends on this album.

Please come help me impress my mom!!! I’m going to play an extended full length show with all my best songs and best bits: Oh “FirstName”, Girls Are Crazy, You’re Turning 50, I Wanna Be Your Intern (Female
President Clinton), and many, many more.

There will be NO door charge at all for this show. It will be held on Thursday July 1st at the M Bar, 1253 N Vine St at the corner of Fountain. Doors open at 7pm. The M Bar will have their normal “please eat dinner here” ten dollar food policy. But the food is good
and I imagine you eat at least once a day anyhow. Please make dinner reservations at (323) 856-0036.

Please come!!! I need your laugh on this record. I don’t want my first comedy album to be, “Valenti – Live in a Vacuum”.


Mechanical, Not Emotional, Breakdown in the desert.

My car broke down in the middle of death valley, 25 miles from Baker, CA, on the drive back from a music conference in Las Vegas this past weekend. We tried to pass some time with the guitar and what I could remember of an Eagles tune.