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LA Weekly picks tonight’s Cinespace show as the “Go” Friday night event of the week

Be sure to grab the new LA Weekly and check for the nice little write up they did for the show I’m playing this Friday at Cinespace. Or if you don’t feel like walking to the corner coffeeshop to grab one, just read it here.


This is the show I’ve been preparing for…

I’m finally putting it all together in a 30 minute set of Music, Stand Up, and Short Films at Cinespace – Friday August 21. Cinespace is a perfect spot to lay it all out multi-media style. A full size movie screen sits right behind the stage allowing me to try a non-stop blitz of jokes, songs, and movies.
What’s coming next? Is it a song? I don’t know. Is it a film? Maybe…
I’ve always been asked, ‘Chris, what do you want to be? A musician, a comic, a filmmaker? Pick one.” Blah! I’ll do them all together.
Come see if my head explodes….