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If you’ve ever been frustrated by a relationship and you have a twisted, but healthy sense of humor, then Chris Valenti is the artist for you. Chris takes his romantic failures and frustrations personally and pours them out to you straight from his wry, twisted heart. Valenti\'s songs of struggles, blunders, and missed opportunities radiate the painfully funny universal suffering we all endure. His show is part music, part comedy, part therapy, and part romance – as well as action, adventure, mystery and sometimes horror. A philosopher of love – usually, the kind of love that did not exactly make it to that \'happily ever after\' place, Chris writes and performs songs that touch upon the common truths of the humorous lives of single people.Songs like Passive Aggressive, about the cute little problems that get blown out of proportion in every sweet, loving relationship, and The Ghost of Your Ex, about dates who can\'t stop talking about their ex-boyfriends, strike close to home for those who can not reel in the full attention of their present partner. Don\'t Pass Out is a plea and warning to men and women everywhere to curb excessive drinking, especially on first dates. The upcoming album includes It\'s Hard to Find Someone Good Enough For Me, which nails the single person\'s core issue head on – and was featured on The Dr. Phil Show – and Everyone Can Be Replaced, a positive look at the end of relationships. Most shows end with Chris\'s new approach to women, Booty Call. A hopeful romantic with a wry sense of humor, Chris has the knack for using self-deprecation and vulnerability to write songs about the hazards and frustrations of love and attempted relationships. He’s become the cheerful motivator for the unlucky in love, because the best cure for a broken heart is laughing at someone else\'s.

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String Of Comedy – WESTSIDE – July 3rd

This is a great opportunity for all of you Westsiders weary of the world east of the 405 to come see what all the excitement is about. The Strings of Comedy is going on a field trip.

We’ll have a great not-to-be-missed show featuring some hilarious crooning satirists including:

Phil Johnson communicates to the audience that no matter what problems they’re going through, there’s always someone even more screwed up than them. Phil Johnson is, in fact, a raging optimist. And better yet, it’s all set to music.

Oded Gross , generally speaking, is a pretty open guy. Except when it comes to people who are different than him. Then his tolerance wanes. His videos “It’s All Because (the gays are getting married)” and “Just Found a Red Sock (in the laundry while washing my KKK sheet)” are both huge internet sensations.

Cynthia Carle is a meat-eating hybrid-driving screen-writing singer-songwriter with life high points that include being caricatured in the New York Times by Al Hirschfeld with a Nina in her hair during the Broadway run of Is There Life After High School?, singing Beethoven’s 9th at Disney Hall for Zubin Mehta, and turning down the opportunity to be killed while sitting on a toilet in Psycho III. Or was it IV. Low points include burning off her fingerprints while wiring up the muffler on a Dodge Dart on the Ohio Turnpike, not hitting the streets and turning cars over when the election was hijacked in 2000, and reading The Da Vinci Code.

Bobby Banuelos Do you want a stand up who can cover topics ranging from marriage… to using “the force” at a grocery store… to motorcycle cops and those ridiculous boots they wear all without dropping a single “f – bomb”? Bobby’s your guy. Do you want a musician who writes his own comedic songs and rocks out on the guitar to tunes like “I Lost My Virginity to Me” (a crowd favorite and request)? Bobby’s your guy. Do you want a performer so charming, likable, and self-deprecating that audiences all over this great nation have called him “charming, likable, and self-deprecating”? You get the picture.

Alicyn Packard Whether she’s doing stand up, rocking the mic, or acting on screen, you can bet Ali’s having fun. She beams with a playfulness and youthful exuberance that is both contagious and energizing. With ukulele in hand she’ll serenade you with unexpectedly catchy and hilarious tunes. Her unique brand of sweet and sassy stand up has graced the stages of The Improv, The Comedy Store, Room 5 and many other clubs around Los Angeles.

Chris Valenti is a romantic comedy expert. A gifted songwriter, wry stand up comic, and award-winning filmmaker, Chris allows his vulnerability to guide his writings about the hazards of love and relationships. He appeared in the hit film in theaters recently, “17 Again” and is currently making a monthly short film for – he premieres each month’s new short at every Strings of Comedy show.

The show starts at 7 and is being held a The Talking Stick – 1411 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA, 90291. The cover, as always, is $10, but 1/2 price tickets are available at


Highlights from June 3rd Strings of Comedy at the M Bar


PHAT Reflections – The Pick Up

My first commercial directing job! The owner of this company liked my funny short films and asked if I could make a commercial for her product. I think it came out well – thanks in a large part to that goofy, yet hot Sarah Spiegel.

PHAT Reflections – The Pick Up – watch more funny videos

Screening all FIVE shorts at Cinespace Friday

Bohemian Shindig
This should be a really fun night. I’ve been asked – given a huge opportunity! – to screen all of my short films thus far at Hollywood’s most popular restaurant-bar-cinema, Cinespace!
6356 Hollywood Blvd
There will also be bands, acoustic acts, and visual arts.



In this economy, you’d better know how to stretch a dollar.
Featuring Alison Block, Jennifer Tung, and Mister Mitue.

Coupons – watch more funny videos