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If you’ve ever been frustrated by a relationship and you have a twisted, but healthy sense of humor, then Chris Valenti is the artist for you. Chris takes his romantic failures and frustrations personally and pours them out to you straight from his wry, twisted heart. Valenti\'s songs of struggles, blunders, and missed opportunities radiate the painfully funny universal suffering we all endure. His show is part music, part comedy, part therapy, and part romance – as well as action, adventure, mystery and sometimes horror. A philosopher of love – usually, the kind of love that did not exactly make it to that \'happily ever after\' place, Chris writes and performs songs that touch upon the common truths of the humorous lives of single people.Songs like Passive Aggressive, about the cute little problems that get blown out of proportion in every sweet, loving relationship, and The Ghost of Your Ex, about dates who can\'t stop talking about their ex-boyfriends, strike close to home for those who can not reel in the full attention of their present partner. Don\'t Pass Out is a plea and warning to men and women everywhere to curb excessive drinking, especially on first dates. The upcoming album includes It\'s Hard to Find Someone Good Enough For Me, which nails the single person\'s core issue head on – and was featured on The Dr. Phil Show – and Everyone Can Be Replaced, a positive look at the end of relationships. Most shows end with Chris\'s new approach to women, Booty Call. A hopeful romantic with a wry sense of humor, Chris has the knack for using self-deprecation and vulnerability to write songs about the hazards and frustrations of love and attempted relationships. He’s become the cheerful motivator for the unlucky in love, because the best cure for a broken heart is laughing at someone else\'s.

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Quickly turning into one of LA’s most popular comedy shows, The Strings of Comedy gives you selected handfuls of the top musical comics around. Check out any of the Highlight Reels below or at We always have great line ups.

Alison Block is a stand-up comic with a guitar or a musician with a sense of humor. Her “sophisticatedly raunchy” songs mix the wild and witty with the feminine tenderness found in themes about gay ex-boyfriends and male gynecologists.

Evan Wecksell They don”t make them like Evan Wecksell anymore. As one of the funniest and most energetic performers to emerge from New York’s comedy clubs and musical venues, Comedian and Singer/Songwriter Evan Wecksell is often compared to comedic superstars Adam Sandler and Stephen Lynch. Evan’s act, a blend of comedy and music, celebrates dysfunctional relationships, endorses unorthodox career paths and makes fun of bad music.

Michael Goldstrom, a tremendous talent called a “tour de force that will leave you roaring” by the Los Angeles Times, is one of the most dynamic performers on the national stage. With his ability to morph from an African god to a neurotic mouse, Michael translates the world into a multi-dimensional land of comedy that LA Weekly describes as “blisteringly funny.”

Byron Walls In the early 60s, as a member of the San Francisco folk trio, The Travellers, Byron appeared at the Purple Onion with PHYLLIS DILLER and the Hungry I with MORT SAHL. Soon he was one-half of the singing/comedy duo, Byron and Howard, which appeared regularly at the Ice House in Pasadena, the Red Onion in Aspen, and the Tropicana in Las Vegas, opening for ROSEMARY CLOONEY. Byron used to open for the Kingston Trio when the Purple Onion was the heart of the SF music scene. As a Warner Brothers Music staff songwriter in the mid-70s, his songs have been recorded by Andy Williams, Emmy Lou Harris, Burl Ives, and Ronnie Milsap, among others. And, oh yeah… He performed the Super Bowl Halftime show in 1970!

Chris Valenti is a romantic comedy expert. A gifted songwriter, wry stand up comic, and award-winning filmmaker, Chris allows his vulnerability to guide his writings about the hazards of love and relationships. He appears in the hit film in theaters now, “17 Again” and is currently making a monthly short film for – he premieres each month’s new short at every Strings of Comedy show.

The cover charge is $10, but half-price tickets can be ordered at

Dinner reservations are suggested (323) 856-0036. Doors open for dinner at 7pm. The show starts at 7:30.


Strings of Comedy – May 8th Highlight Reel

Fun show with Eric Schwartz, Oded Gross, Kristin Key, and me!!


Valenti stuck in The No-Sex Zone

Some relationships start with immediate bedroom action – the singles bar pick-up, the office affair, the Santa Monica Blvd transvestite hooker…. but each of these tend to be relatively short lived romances. I find that if you hope to have a slightly more meaningful and, perhaps, lengthy relationship, it helps to get to know eachother a little bit before you both strip down and let’er rip. It’s also interesting how a good number of the “quality” single women these days seem to prefer this crazy alternative method. Generally, most “quality” guys understand the ritual and are willing to oblige, if that’s what needs to be done to handle the situation. So we suck it in, put on our best game face, and endure The No-Sex Zone.

How long will it last? Are we saying the right things? …. There’s got to be a password to get out of this hellhole. Is this sadistic, evil woman just toying with me and enjoying it? These are the some of the questions my new song, “The No-Sex Zone”, explores.

Come hear the tune’s debut this Friday night (May 15) at Genghis Cohen, 8 o’clock. I’ll be performing the entire hour – not just that song, but others as well. It will be my first solo full length show of the year. I’ll get to play a bunch of the old, more musical material that I don’t get to perform in the comedy clubs. Come join me. Genghis Cohen is located at 740 N Fairfax Ave, just north of Melrose.