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Park City ReVisited

I went back to play a Saturday night show at JB Mulligans. The beautiful little Ski town wasn’t quite as wild as it was during Sundance, but this place still knows how to how fun. The band Soul Asylum played a free concert at The Canyons for the Spring Gruv Festival. Great show. Then a couple members showed up at JB Mulligans later that night while I was playing. George McKelvey, their bass player since Karl Mueller passed away, liked some of my ‘wreckage’ and asked to buy a CD. I probably would have traded for one of their albums, if he only asked, but instead he was out ten bucks. Yeah, I gave him a discount.


Scratch Track Tuesdays – “I Wanna Be Your Intern”

My love song to Hillary Clinton.


Playing The Comedy Store this Wednesday

It’s a simple fun filled hump day. We meet at the Saddle Ranch at 6, where we park for cheap and eat & drink Happy Hour specials for cheap (specials end at 6:30 so don’t be late). You drink a couple pints of funny juice to get warmed up. Then at 7:45 we head over to the Comedy Store. Walk up to the Belly Room. Laugh at funny comedians. Then head back to the Saddle Ranch for an night cap and to retrieve our vehicles. So simple. So fun.


Scratch Track Tuesday – “Now That I’m Ready To Love You, Where Do You Live?”

The titles all seem to be sentences these days. Here’s the latest scratch track: “Now That I’m Ready To Love You, Where Do You Live?” I’ve had this ballad for a few months and played it a few times, but this is the first recording.

When I get to twenty or so scratch tracks, we’ll vote on which ones should be on the next studio album.


Knitting Factory this Wednesday with Aussie Pop Star Diana Anaid

This is very exciting! I’ll be trading songs with a big time pro. I met Diana in Memphis in February. Found out she’d be spending March in Los Angeles and convinced her to do a show with me. We’ll be on stage together swapping songs back and forth.

When you see her perform, you’ll see she’s the real deal. She’s got some set of pipes, and by that I mean vocal chords. And angst. Wow. I’ve been accused of being the male version of Alanis Morrisette with my angst. If that’s so, she’s definitely the female version. And then some.


Dysfunctional Romantics Storm Atlanta

Phil Johnson and I took our acoustic duo funny show to Atlanta to showcase for the APCA National Conference in hopes of making a bunch of giddy college students laugh enough so they would bring us to their campus’s next year and show us off to their friends. We had a good show, met a bunch of really fun students and advisors, and are now planing our schedule for the Fall and Spring semesters. What we didn’t expect was for a tornado to spin down the street where we were staying. This picture is of the hotel one block down from our’s. When the tornado hit, I was in our hotel room LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW like an idiot. I didn’t know it was a tornado, nor did I know that windows facing this very direction were being blown out up an down the street. I was thinking that Atlanta has some fierce weather and I’d better enjoy it since Southern California only offers two inches of rain per year. I realized that it was much worse and a lot more dangerous than I had thought when I walked over to the convention hotel and passed a downed live power-line, a hotel pool with all patio furniture either at bottom of the deep-end or in the surrounding bushes, and random car bumper laying in the sidewalk amongst a plethora of shingles, siding, and drywall – with no exposed automobile anywhere in site.


Scratch Track Tuesdays – “Please Don’t Text Someone While I’m Making Love To You”

It’s time to challenge myself. Every Tuesday morning, I will write and record a scratch track of a new song and upload it here on the site.

The first creation is a tune about those always-on-the-go overachievers who love their techno-gadgets. It’s called, “Please Don’t Text Someone While I’m Making Love To You.”