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Folk Alliance in Memphis

Went to my first Folk Alliance. It was enormous unexpected fun, bigger and better than I thought possible. It was like the ‘Around The World’ night your dorm would have in college where each room held a party with a different theme. The difference was that it wasn’t Miller Hall, it was the top three floors of the Marriott Hotel. The beds were removed from the rooms and a couple dozen chairs replaced them. We’re talking about 50 or so different rooms converted into little venues. Performers played half hour sets in these party rooms to eager listeners. Everyone was scrambling through the hallways trying to find the next show to see or play. It was sheer joy and insanity mixed into one. All this to a soundtrack of Folk Music, or at least acoustic – singer/songwriter music. Some say there is a difference. All I know is that I had a tremendous time and met some extremely talented people.
I went to FA simply to help Tim Sweeney with his seminar and show part of my film, 800 CDs. I didn’t think I’d be up til 3am jamming or watching jams every night. It was strange how my perception of time slowed down – when it was midnight, it felt like 9:30; when it was 2:30 in the morning, it felt like 11.

I also didn’t expect to enjoy the music so much. The quality of so much of the songwriting was outstanding. Some of my new favorite performers and friends are Tom Bianchi, Spook Handy, Eric Schwartz, Amy Meyers, Diana Anaid, and so many more. I became very excited and inspired. They’ve forced me to come home and bump up my game. I will be more prepared for the next conference, which will now be permanently fixed on my calendar. I’m extremely motivated now. Even wrote my first new song.