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Video with Dr Phil

Last year I was on what is probably the biggest daytime pop psychology talk show of our time.  Somehow to me it felt like the Biggest Loser.  The topic was  I playfully posted the lyrics to my song “It’s Hard to Find Someone Good Enough For Me” on the site when I decided to try it for a month.  It was up a day when the show’s producer e-mailed me, told me how funny the profile was, and invited me to be on the show.  What she didn’t say is that they wanted me on the show to be the example of how NOT to write a profile.  That humorless “expert” guy took my lyrics completely literally and blasted me on national TV.  It was one of the longest, gut-wrenching, cringe-filled hours of my life.  Well, I tried to make some lemonade from those lemons.  I mashed together clips from the show with a live performance of the song.  You should watch this video as soon as possible and if you like it, forward it to your friends immediately.  I expect the Cease and Desist letter in the mail this week, as soon as the Dr. P camp catches wind.  So I doubt it’ll be up on youtube very long.  Let me know your thoughts.


Dysfunctional White Elephant Re-Giftathon

Saturday, Phil and I are back at one of our favorite ‘Battle’ grounds, Blue Rock Shoot.  This is our party for you.  We’re calling it the Chris & Phil’s Dysfunctional White Elephant Re-Giftathon Holiday Party, or something like that – Phil named it.  (But, I named our act so I guess I can’t complain.)  Bring a gift to throw under the elephant and you’ll get to take a turn and pick one to open and take home – Unless someone else likes it and decides to steal it from you.  Oh, the peace and joy of the holiday season, you have to love it.  Phil and I are giving you Bart Ryan.  And the chances are good that no one will steal him from you and you’ll get to take him home.Saturday, Dec 15, 8pm, Blue Rock Shoot, 14523 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070 (408) 741-5180


Dysfunctional Christmas Partying in the Bay Area

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!I’m coming up to hang in the Bay Area this weekend.  And to party Romantically Dysfunctional Songwriter style – with a holiday twist.  Friday, Phil and I are heading to Monterey to perform at Monterey Live.  This may be a bit of a drive for you, but isn’t that where everyone up there goes on the weekends anyway?  It will be worth the trip.  Along with the Battle of the Romantically Dysfunctional Songwriters, this awesome bill includes two incredibly talented guitarist / songwriters, Saul Kaye and Bart Ryan.  If I may say, you get four performers, who each put on terrific shows individually, playing on the same stage on the same night!  This is truly going to be a great show.  Has Monterey ever seen such an amazing line up on one bill?  I doubt it.  In fact, we may have to call it something like the Monterey International Pop Music Festival.  I bet you a show like that might go over well in that small little seaside village.   I could be on to something.