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LA Celebrities – Vargus Mason & Ali Handal

Last Comic Standing vet, Vargus Mason, invited me to perform during his show tomorrow night at the Comedy Store.  So I jumped at the opportunity.  If you haven’t seen Vargus, you’re missing out on maybe the best standup comic presently working the LA stages.  That’s a show I want in on.  It’ll be in the Main Room.  I figure we’ll proceed with our normal Comedy Store agenda:  Head over to the Saddle Ranch at 6pm.  Park there for $4.  Eat half-price appetizers for dinner.  Drink as much as you need to make me seem funny.  Walk over to the Comedy Store at 8.  Hit the Staples button.  
Comedy Store, Main Room, Wednesday Oct 24, 8pm, 8433 Sunset Blvd. 

I’m very excited about the guest artist for this week’s Sunday Night show at the Santa Monica Bar & Grille – Ali Handal.  Most people in the LA indy music scene are well versed in this woman’s work.  She’s got soul, chops, guts, and heart.  And that’s just for dinner.  She’s had songs placed in numerous films and TV shows – Sex in the City,  Joan of Arcadia, Dawson’s Creek, Pursuit of Happiness, Dancing at the Blue Iguana… the list goes on and on.  Neil Young put her on a 2006 CD he did “Living With War”.  Nic Harcourt plays her on Morning Becomes Eclectic.  And now, even more exciting for Ali, she gets to share the stage with The Emotional Wrecks.  Lucky girl.  If you haven’t seen a Sunday show in a while (you’ve missed some good ones), come down and catch Ali and I this weekend. 
Santa Monica Bar & Grille, Sunday Oct 28, 8pm, 3321 Pico Blvd

The shows I am playing this week will be part of the Squeaky Wheel Tour and profile missing person Amysena Beatrice Chappell.


Comedy Central & Molly Malone’s Legal Battle

I just had a couple videos posted on Comedy Central’s website. They are from the Sit N Spin performance I did last month as the musical guest. It’s funny to hear someone bleep out all the curses.

The show this Friday will be different and pretty darn exciting. The chairman of the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Barristers asked me to organize a comedy show for his group’s semi-annual social event. He’s expecting a couple hundred young attorneys to attend. Perfect for me – attorneys always have severe romantic problems – Ali McBeal, everyone from Boston Legal, etc. So I’ll be hosting The Battle of the Romantically Dysfunctional Songwriters – the show where I go head-to-head, with Bay Area musical comedian Phil Johnson, in fight to determine who would be the more frightening guy to date. Three terrific comics will open the show – Shannon Gettins, Michael Goldstrum, and Gerry Katzman. If you miss this show, I’ll sue you.
Friday, Oct 19th, 7:30pm, at Molly Malone’s (575 South Fairfax)

The Sunday night residency at the Santa Monica Bar & Grille will be spiced up this week. Not only will Phil Johnson be joining the band, causing a temporary name change from The Emotional Wrecks to The Dysfunctional Romantics (new shirts!!!), but will also be hosting a singles mixer. And not only will there be a mixer, but they will also be bringing in special guest speaker Dr. Alex Benzer, author of The Tao of Dating. I’ve read one of his books, and honestly, if I followed his advice I’d be out of a career. And I will one day. It’s really solid insight, grounded in first understanding your own behavior then other people’s. Dr. Benzer speaks all over the country and it’s quite a treat that he’ll be speaking to us. And for free! All you need to do is register for the event at, bypass the payment page, then list your favorite Emotional Wreck song as a comment.
Santa Monica Bar & Grille, Sunday, Oct 21, 6pm, (3321 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica)

There’s also a new “webisode” of Sensitive Johnson available. Subscribe to the Sensitive Johnson Video Podcast to watch the Starbucks sequence. My favorite part of this scene – certainly, the sweetest part of filming this movie – is a shot in the coffeeshop. If you watch closely, you can see my friend Joe Cirrito actually propose to his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Janine. She was quite surprised by his “ad lib” to say the least.

Also – probably most importantly – tomorrow, Oct 17, is the start of the Squeaky Wheel Tour. This is a two and a half week period of hundreds of shows across the world where every performer will promote a different missing person. The concept is the work of Jannel Rap, who started the organization GINA For Missing Persons after her sister Gina Bos disappeared on Oct 17, 2000. Jannel’s heartache over the unknown status of her sister became a fight to gain attention for all missing and an avenue to bring hope to their families. Hundreds of thousands of families face the same dilemma that Jannel encountered when Gina went missing – when their loved ones simply vanish and there is no lurid or dramatic cause, they garner no media attention. Rap felt that she had to do something to change that, and she brought the concept of the Squeaky Wheel Tour to life. SWT is an annual event, held every year on these dates. I am honored to have been invited to open the kickoff show at the
Couch House in San Juan Capistrano (33157 Camino Capistrano) tomorrow night, Oct 17, at 7pm.
All shows I will be playing during this time will be part of the SWT and profile different missing persons.
Oct 17 – Couch House – Sofia Kabany, Samantha Ann Martinez
Oct 19 – Molly Malone’s – Gary Oscar Brown, Michael Johnson
Oct 21 – Santa Monica Bar & Grill – Charles Robinson Davies III
Oct 28 – Santa Monica Bar & Grill – Amysena Beatrice Chappell
Oct 30 – Colony Theater – Robert Anthony Spellman
Nov 2 – APCA Showcase – Alondra Diaz-Garcia, Troy Darren Grumbine


Announcing the Sensitive Johnson Video Podcast

So, you know, I have this feature film sitting on my floor.  I made it a few years ago with some talented and driven friends of mine who were willing to dedicate three weeks of  intense hard work towards this crazy idea I had for a screenplay.  The result was Sensitive Johnson.   Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t had the chance yet.  But, we actually made a pretty darn good movie.  I’m very proud of it.  It went to a bunch of festivals, won some of them.  People seemed to really like it.  It received a bunch of nice reviews.   And the other day I thought, “What is this doing on my floor?  People should be watching it!”

So now, you can see it  right here on your computer!  Or on your iPod! 

I broke it up into little five minute or so “webisodes”.  And I’m going to upload a new segment every Monday.  Just subscribe to the Sensitive Johnson Video Podcast, to have each webisode sent to you as it comes out.  Free weekly Sensitive Johnson!   If you’ve been waiting to lay your eyes on this thing, now’s your chance!   The first episode is the opening sequence “Prom Queen”.

Also, I’ll be doing some shows soon.  In fact I’m really busy in October.  I’ll be up in the Bay Area this weekend to play a couple “Battle of the Romantically Dysfunctional Songwriter” shows with Phil Johnson.  We’ll be in Berkeley at Spud’s on Friday night and then at a private house concert up there on Saturday night.

On Sunday, the band and I will be back at the Santa Monica Bar & Grille.  And this time we won’t be alone – Singer/Songwriter (former major label popstar) Shanti will be our first guest artist.  Shanti will get you dancing and make you blush.  Her show is a lot of fun, I’m excited to share the stage with her.

Then on Wed, Oct 17, I’ll be down at the Couch House in San Juan Capistrano, to open the Squeaky Wheel Tour with Jannel Rap.  Read the blog below.  This is a very special show you should attend if you can.  Go to any show that is part of the Squeaky Wheel Tour.  All of my shows from Oct 17 to Nov 4 will be part of the SWT – a different missing person will be represented at each.


Important show supporting missing persons next Wednesday, Oct 17

The Emotional Wrecks are taking a break from our Sunday night residency at the Santa Monica Bar & Grille this weekend. We will be back next Sunday night, Oct 14.

I want to give you a heads up about a show that I’m honored to be a part of next Wednesday night, Oct 17 at the Couch House in San Juan Capistrano (33157 Camino Capistrano). If you were able to get there, you would be helping hundreds of people who could use some support. October 17 is the first day of a worldwide tour/movement called the Squeaky Wheel Tour.

October 17 is also the day that my friend Jannel Rap’s sister Gina Bos went missing in Lincoln, NE in 2000. Without gushing about how much I admire Jannel for her actions – I featured her in a segment of my film 800 CDs. Here’s that segment

I want to encourage everyone I can to support this mission of her’s. Jannel started the organization GINA For Missing Persons with a drive to not only find her own sister, but to help families of missing people everywhere locate their loved ones. That’s all I’ll say. I could go on and on – just go to the GINA website – – and see what this woman, a local singer/songwriter, has done for all of us.

The show itself is also going to be great. For one, I’m playing. Although I’m sure that’s all you need to know, there is a great line up of talented performers for this show at this huge and legendary venue. Jannel with be performing with her band Clemintine. I’m a big fan of many of the other artists – Amy Raasch (beautiful songstress), Micheal Finnerty (musical Irish poet), Jim Anderson (OC’s rockin Christian), Molly Zenobia (dark, intense piano), and Peter Brandon and Stan Dewitt (two well known OC favorites). Tickets are $15 and fund a tremendous cause. Buy some even if you can’t go. Get them from me directly or on