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What a Weekend!

It started Thursday morning when I received a message that the new film I recently finished, 800 CDs, was featured in an article in the Oshkosh Northwestern – the daily paper for this large Milwaukee suburb.  One of the artist’s featured in the film, Rob Anthony, saw an advanced screening we had last weekend.  Apparently he liked it a bit because he proceeded to e-mail his entire extensive fanbase including all his press contacts.  Rob is not small potatoes in his home market.  In fact he’s enough of a big deal that the music columnist for the Northwestern called me immediately for an interview on Sunday morning.  Her article was featured four days later in the Thursday Calendar section.  Read it on the press page.

On Friday I received word that I was invited to play the main stage at The Comedy Store.  I had a little debut there on Wednesday night up in the Belly Room, which evidently went well.  Not only did they invite back – and to the Main Room – they scheduled it for a Friday night!  June 8th.  Oh man, I’m going to be FRICKIN’ scared.  If you’re in the area that night, PLEASE come down and offer some encouragement and some ’emotional’ support – no matter how many lyrics I forget.  That did seem to be one of the highlights of Wednesday night’s show.  And of all words to forget…  A bunch of us will be starting the night at 6pm and the Saddle Ranch next door.  Come join the fun.

Saturday I went up to Santa Barbara to play NorthStar Cafe, a coffee joint right in the middle of all the action on State Street.  I took my pal Tah Phrum Da Bush along.  Tah’s a tremendous hip hop artist out of Brooklyn who is also featured in 800 CDs.  This guy has opened my eyes to his genre.  I’m still very selective, but I’m a big fan of his music for sure.  In fact, after I played a couple of my tunes Tah joined me to freestyle to some riffs and patterns.  We ended up creating and performing “acoustic hop” right there on the spot.  Before we knew it, we had played for about two hours straight.  There were some video cameras going, so hopefully we’ll get some of this up online.

Sunday night was spent at the Viper Room listening to Latham rip it up.  My only problem with this band is that they’re doing so well and in such demand that Mark is no longer available to play lead guitar for the Emotional Wrecks.  Go see his band and you’ll see why he’s so hard to replace. 

Monday, my new friends in the band Two Word Name asked me to play some tunes during their afternoon set at the Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach.  Tah played too.  This was truly fun.  What a crowd.  What energy this Two Word Name group has.  They’re great.  The Hermosa pier was hopping.  I made a bunch of great new emotional wreck friends.  I have to get back to the Lighthouse and bring the band.


Great Responses

First of all, I want to thank everyone for keeping this front page perfectly clean. A bunch of comments underneath these pristine posts would slop up the screen and just make a general mess of everything. So don’t you dare hit that add comment button and mess up my neat little website.

That said. I want to thank everyone for the ton of e-mails I received regarding the site. People seem to like the content – the videos, the streaming songs, etc. People appreciate the ability to buy downloads directly from the site – although no one wants to slop up that page either (thank you again for your tidiness).

Some people asked about a photo page. As much as I love to look at myself, I’m not going to put any of my own pictures up. The picture to the right in the Eventful Demand is all I’m contributing. But what I did decide to do is post a page of photos and images that have been sent to me by you loyal listeners. Video and Audio contributions will also be posted. Look for this page next week.

I’ve added some more shows including a little cameo at the MBar this Friday night, a June show in Camarillo, an August show in Santa Cruz, and a July kick-off at Molly Malones. I may have a big engagement with the Emotional Wrecks as well – that’s secret for now, so don’t say anything.

And for GodSakes don’t leave any comments. This webpage is like a new car, if you scratch it I’ll beat you.


Two Debuts & Free Starbucks to celebrate

The new blog/site is up!  What do you think so far?  It’s a lot less flashy, literally, but has much more content, and is much easier to navigate.  Tell me – I want feedback.  I’m the webmaster!

Check out the Music page, every song can be streamed for free and mp3 downloads of each song can be purchased and downloaded directly from this site.  No iTunes needed.  Each song also has it’s own info page which includes all the lyrics and chords so you can not only sing along, but also play it on your guitar.  

I’ll be regularly adding more songs, videos, downloads, etc.  And, anything related to the music you might have to contribute will go right up – cover songs, videos, images, parodies, your similar experience, or your side of the story if you think the song was written about you (you may be right.)

To celebrate this launch, an mp3 of Starbucks is available for free.  Stick it on your iPod.  Burn it to a CD.  Play it on your boombox as loud as you can in every Starbucks in America.  Tell your friends to download it.  Send your mom here and tell her the song is her Mother’s Day gift.

I put an Eventful “Demand” sticker on the site.  If you want me to come perform in your area, be a good American and just Demand it. 

Speaking of performances, I’m very excited to be making my debut performance at the World Famous Comedy Store next Wednesday, May 23rd.  This is a big deal.  If this goes well, they immediately give you a sitcom or late night talk show.  To get this deal, the Comedy Store requires that you either are hilarious or bring a ton of people.  So I’m hoping you’ll be there so I don’t have to worry about being too funny. 

Join me at 7 for food and drinks on the front patio before the show which starts at 8.   The address is 8433 Sunset Blvd.  It’s directly accross the street from the House of Blues.  I’ll be performing in the Belly Room.

I plan on blogging a few times a week.  Check back often and offer up some responses.  I’m going to be tackling all sorts of relationship problems.  Not only will I be give advice, I’ll also be asking for plenty.

See you along the journey.